2021 Gunfighter Give Away

Do you love Gun Fighter Gun Oil? Share why and you could get some sweet prizes! Pro-Ears, Nanuk Cases, Auxilary Knives, Craft Beef, NeoMags, PowerTacs, shirts and more!

To enter post a photo or video about why you love Gunfighter products on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You must include the tags #WorldsBestLube and #GunfighterGunOil.

Winners will be chosen at random monthly across 2021. Happy New Year!


Gunfighter Gun Oil

New Gunfighter Super Cleaner


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Who Are They? A Look Behind the World of Child Trafficking and Slavery

Youngster trafficking is a growing problem that the USA and various other countries are facing worldwide. This contemporary day enslavement is perpetuated by the expanding need of predators looking for to victimize innocent and powerless targets. Predators originate from all profession. Some are rich, some are inadequate, some are educated as well as some are not. They do not differentiate by race, socio-economic aspects or areas, as well as will certainly “target” many youngsters at one time.

Finding Criminal Information Made Public

In today’s day and age, there are lots of reasons a person would start looking up criminal public records. Before everything was digitized and kept in data sources, a manual search can occupy a great deal of time.

3 Self Defense Moves That May Save Your Life

It takes years of training to completely understand fighting styles that will certainly make you proficient in self-defense relocations and strategies. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to learn standard self protection moves that can keep you active if you are ever before struck in a road or auto parking whole lot. There are a couple of things you can do in such a scenario that will certainly assist you escape.

Communities and Corruption

Corruption is something that many individuals think to take area either in the government or in service. Actually, corruption can happen for lots of reasons as well as in several various sort of locales.

Online Criminal Records For the United States

As a result of the Freedom of Information Act, rap sheets are offered online. Yet enjoy out, since the online data is not government ran, fraud musicians have infiltrated business.

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