ATF BANS Pistol Braces!!! NAGR Needs Your Help

The ATF is planning to restrict your rights to own an AR and AK platform pistol brace! They’ve also been raiding LAWFUL gun manufacturers and companies for selling 80% lowers. This is not acceptable, and your National Association for Gun Rights is fighting for you.

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Protecting Your Child From Cyber-Bullying

Worried regarding cyber-bullying? With all the recent news regarding harassing that finishes in tragedy, it can be frightening to assume that your youngster may be the victim of cyber-bullying without you also discovering that something was wrong.

Women’s Self-Defense – Can Your Martial Arts Training Stop a Rapist?

I have actually seen it way too many times and also was even a true follower at one time: that a black belt suggested you can manage any kind of street circumstance. The fact is, that our existing state of fighting styles training is fantastic for fitness, self-confidence structure, competition sparring, and so on. However genuine globe road criminal offense? Not so much.

Weapons For Women

Females that hesitate of weapons still have a variety of choices of personal safety and security gadgets readily available to them for self defense. One of these selections is the stun weapon. This short article discusses these options as well as just how to utilize the stun weapon if the scenario arises.

Self Defense Products – Why the Hot Pink Pretender Stun Gun is the Queen of Self Defense

In the past, self protection items for attack avoidance were created in a manner to offer optimal security and convenience of lugging for ladies. These items either appeared like a normal handy weapon or a cellphone. Nothing fancy was introduced to please females. Keep reading to see why this is various.

Covert Vehicle Trackers Come of Age?

Here we take a brief look at the development of car trackers including the jump forward in their use modern-day GPS systems. We now reside in an age where these tools have come to play a much bigger function in the surveillance sector and also culture all at once.

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