Best Pistols & Handguns 2020 | Top 7 Latest Pistols For Concealed Carry & Self Defense Reviews

Best Pistols & Handguns 2020 | Top 7 Latest Pistols For Concealed Carry & Self Defense Reviews
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Looking to pass armed, however, are stuck within the weeds as to what to arm your self with? Here are 7 extremely good concealed carry pistols & handguns options the latest for 2020.

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Best Concealed Carry Pistols List:
Introduction – 00:00

7. Walther PPQ M2 – 00:39

6. Springfield Armory XD-M ELITE – 02:58

5. GLOCK 19X – 03:56

4. Mossberg MC1sc – 04:39

3. Springfield Armory RO Elite Operator 10mm – 07:23

2. Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P M2.0 – 08:35

1. HK VP9 – 09:38
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