Concealed Carry Protocol Nutnfancy 2021: Practical Stuff

With regrettable changes in American Society, it’s time to update my Concealed Carry Protocol advice, originally discussed in 2010 and 2008. The series is a 2 parter, Practical here then a ranting Political discussion takes place in Part 2.

This is Part 1 where TD and I discuss our proven approach to the concealment and high percentage carry of handguns. Advice on gun, holster choices, ammo carry, caliber choices, behavior when carrying and a lot more is offered. We only cover our own active carry systems and can’t review everything here; that’s what the reviews are for!

Then an emphasis is placed on alternative training regimes since ammo availability/cost and legalities will prevent standard practice in the future. Much inset video shows the guns in action in TNP and also the alarming VPA action around the country. Another foundational TNP Tactical Philosophy video designed to help you with the dark days ahead!

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Laser Ammo Recoil Enable Training Pistol:
Laser Lyte training pistols:
Defensive impact batons:
Concealed Carry Protocol vid by Nutn, 2010:
Gun Free vid by Nutn:
Obligation of Carry vid by Nutn, 2008!:

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