Dry Fire AR15 Training | Episode #93

Comprehensive Dry Fire training video to help you train at home and develop valuable rifle skills. Goes from proper loading/unloading practices to taking a knee, crouching or shooting from the prone.

Time Stamps:
2:39 – Sling
3:22 – Optics & Zero
4:00 – Loading
6:42 – Clearing
9:14 – Tactical Reloads
9:52 – Basic Manipulations
12:26 – Low Ready
13:48 – Compressed Ready
14:52 – High Port
15:47 – High Ready
17:16 – Turns
18:44 – Taking a Knee & Crouching
19:56 – Dropping to Prone Position
25:31 – Example Dryfire Session
28:13 – Conclusion


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