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Self Defense Stun Guns – The Great Pretender

On the planet of self-defense products, stun weapons are 2nd just to pepper sprays in regards to popularity among private users worldwide. They are so successful in regards to disabling a challenger that legislation enforcement companies have actually utilized them for years since they function so well.

Women Who Wear Tight Jeans Can’t Claim Rape?

A man in Australia was found not guilty of raping a female, by a court jury just recently. The jury mentioned that he can not have taken the victims denims off by himself, consequently she needs to have helped and also the rape was consensual. The female was obviously wearing really tight pants.

Police and Stun Guns – What is Good Enough For Police Should Be Good Enough For the Average Citizen

Yes, Policeman generally lug tasers, however these are typically set you back too high for the ordinary citizen. Although they have some differences, they primarily operate the same principle.

Self Defense Products – Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun

Of all the hundreds of self protection products the runt stun gun attracts attention as special. Continue reading to see why.

Pepper Pager Self Defense Product – The Pager That Saves Your Life

Crime is everywhere these days and also appears to be raising in intensity. One of the most effective self-defense items is the pepper pager. See exactly how this masked item can protect you.

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