Fundamentals are the Key to Creativity | Higher Line Podcast #130

Pro Break Dancer and Graffiti Artist Joel “Teknyc” Martinez from the Bronx comes on after meeting Mickey at a Carry Trainer class. He’s traveled the world and performed on television. More recently he’s branched out to firearms instruction under the banner, “Technical Skillz.”

In this podcast Joel Martinez shares his story about becoming a pro Bboy and quitting his job as a skilled welder.

For more on Joel Martinez follow him on instagram @Teknyc and check out his YouTube Channel here:



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Music Attributions:
Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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New Bilibid Prison – The Notorious Prison Facility in the Philippines

Life behind bars is never ever very easy, however right here in the Philippines it is simply worse also by the nation’s requirements. The congestion rate of this jail is 129% as well as a lot of the facilities being utilized are sub-standard. Food is hardly bearable, otherwise horrible, as well as the typical meal is include soup without meat, rice, and also Chinese water spinach, recognized in your area in the Philippines as “kangkong”. This is a preferred leafy vegetable fed to pigs by individuals in the countryside, by the method.

How a Self Defense DVD Can Save Your Life

Regardless of how young or old you are, what sex you belong to, or where you live, the globe is a hazardous place; attempting to learn self defense, whether from an once a week course or a self protection DVD or handbook, is a virtual need these days. Girls in urban locations are targets for assault, burglary, rape, domestic physical violence, and also much more. Even if you’re a thirty years of age man in a country environment, you can be a victim of a bar battle, road rage, or house invasion.

Self Defense Techniques to Teach Your Child

Children are regularly targets of chance for bad guys simply since most of them do not recognize any kind of self-defense techniques that might be utilized to make the wrongdoer’s life tough. From the minute that a child starts going anywhere separately, it is essential to educate your kid self-defense.

Important Tips About Pepper Spray and Self Defense

All people in all situations need to be especially careful regarding their individual security. Whether you remain in an unknown location alone or with a group of people in a location that you typically think about secure, you require to make certain that you can shield yourself and individuals you appreciate.

Stun Guns – Are They Effective For Self Defense?

Some individuals suggest they prefer to use a deadly weapon for self-defense. Others claim they choose a non dangerous tool. Keep reading to get more information.

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