Glock 48 Review & Unboxing | Concealed Carry Channel

Glock does it again! Today we we’re talking about the Glock 48. How does this Glock stand up to the Glock 19? You’ll have to join us and see.

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0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Beginning of Review
2:07 – Glock 48 Unboxing
3:25 – Specs
4:20 – MSRP
4:59 – Range Experience
6:04 – Sights
6:25 – Slide
7:30 – Grip & Controls
7:58 – Glock 48 compared to Glock 19
10:02 – Trigger
10:42 – Magwell
11:10 – Mag. Release
12:17 – Mag. Capacity
13:09 – Recoil
14:00 – Buying the Glock 48, Glock 19 or Mossberg MC2C
17:12 – X-Hunt Targets
17:36 – Bloopers

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