Gun Lube Facts

Mickey talks about gun oil vs. running dry and using other lubricants ranging from motor oil to olive oil. Does gun oil attract dirt?

Anything is better than running dry but gun oil exists for a reason.


Gunfighter Gun Oil

Gun Lube 101

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Carry Ammo Forever | Episode #82

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Crime Scene Investigation Basics

Nowadays, the rate of birth as well as fatality along with immigration and also emigration increases, the price of criminal activities are skyrocketing as well. These are the significant results to the continual failure of the economy that is since of different variables such as unemployment, poverty and also racial discrimination.

Tips on Street Fighting is Not Fighting at All

Nowadays it is unreal unbelievable to perhaps locate oneself confronted with the opportunity of having to deal with complete strangers in the “streets”. As a result an individual actually has to discover a few methods to be able to be successful in altercations by any type of means offered.

How to Avoid Being Car Jacked

Carjacking is on the increase and also you don’t intend to be the following target. Not everyone in a car is a very easy target, so make sure you buffer up your protective abilities to make yourself unsightly to terrible crooks that choose a simple hit.

When Freeze, Fight Or Flight Response Hits, Just What is Reasonable Force?

In the UK, self protection in any kind of provided scenario is limited by the term “reasonable force” which regulates the extent of pressure permitted. The degree of force which certifies as reasonable is obviously situation specific. Further, in the heat of the minute, when the freeze, fight or trip reaction is securely readied to combat there is a potential mismatch between what the emotions rate as practical as well as what the Regulation approves therefore.

Why China’s New School Security Measures Are Bound to Fail

Within a period of 40 days, 5 school terrible disasters occurred where ratings of pupils were harmed and also killed. The entire community is surprised by the strength and also violence of these misfortunes. In fear of additional social disturbance, Chinese federal government is treating the issues as a leading priority. Nevertheless their new safety and security measures ain’t going to help a lot.

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