History that Deserves to be Remembered | Higher Line Podcast #131

Mickey chats with Lance Geiger, AKA “The History Guy” about his background and popular YouTube Channel. He enjoys digging up interesting story’s off the beaten path. Some of his top videos include the History of the Screwdriver, When a Blackbird Disintegrated and when a US Aircraft Carrier collided with a Soviet Submarine.

The History Guy is a genuine bow-tie wearing American Historian based in the midwest. To more check out his YouTube Channel or follow him on instagram @TheHistoryGuyYT.




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Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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Personal Protection – Emotional Control

While trying to secure on your own throughout a violent strike among the major points you will certainly need to do is to regulate your emotions. This will not be simple when your life is in risk. Your main objective will be to escape without any injury to you since if there are injuries it will certainly make the recovery procedure worse and also tougher to overcome. Living a normal life hereafter attack will be challenging yet it will certainly never ever coincide. With this in mind if you get assaulted then managing your emotions will certainly be among the major tricks to help you leave.

Self Defense Techniques – 4 Tips to Quickly Defuse Or Defeat an Attacker in a Self Defense Situation

Self-defense circumstances generally finish swiftly. Either the attacker or the victim is hurt to the factor of not being able to proceed. Finishing a confrontation promptly is essential for the sufferer to remain safe. The goal is to do what is needed to remain unimpaired as well as getaway. This write-up will review effective strategies to end an assault promptly.

Self Defense Techniques – 4 Standing Techniques to Employ During a Self Defense Encounter

How one stands throughout a self-defense situation plays a vital function in the result. Fighting style professionals discover right standing methods to employ to defeat an enemy. A correct stance can leave one in control for strike or counter strike. This post will certainly talk about four standing methods to take into consideration.

Self Defense Techniques – The 7 Most Vulnerable Body Parts to Attack in a Self Defense Situation

Fighting style training instructs several techniques to finish a self-defense encounter. What about the ordinary person however, with no martial arts experience? What can they do to run away from an attack? This short article will focus on the seven most susceptible parts of the body. As a target, if you can strike any of these body parts with force, you might be able to rapidly disable the enemy and also end a self-defense circumstance.

Self Defense Techniques – Attacking the 7 Most Vulnerable Body Areas During a Self Defense Situation

If struck, a target may be able to cause sufficient discomfort to make a foe defenseless. Assaulting the 7 most prone parts of the body can trigger enormous discomfort. Strategies to trigger a sympathetic response to the assailant can likewise develop enough time for a retreat. This article will certainly focus on self-defense techniques for assault.

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