Hunting Pack Dump – Part 1

Hunting can be a nightmare if you find yourself carrying the wrong gear. Join NAGR firearms instructor Eric Jones as he begins a new video series outlining the best gear to take with you on your next hunting excursion.
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Smart Choice – Stun Guns For Men and Women

The stun weapons are electric hand-held self defense tools that are created to stop an assaulter making use of high voltage as well as reduced amperage electroshock to briefly block the systems that control the muscular feature of the body. They are non-lethal tools and also they do not cause long-term damage.

Carrots, Sticks, and the Human Condition

Current musings concerning criminal activity, its wrongdoers and its targets rekindled my lifelong supposition about why people do what they do. The simplest description is that people do what rewards them and prevent what punishes them.

Reality Self Defense – Fighting on the Street is More Dangerous Than You Think

Numerous unenlightened people have the notion that a road battle is basically what they see in cage fights. The fact is an outdoors run-in is much more unsafe than you assume.

Wife Burning in India – Why Does it Happen?

Spouse burning is an abhorrent criminal offense in India. Females are liberated now, however still they are not devoid of the fire of wrongs.

A Jolt of Safety and Security For Women

Personal safety and security is an issue that most of females share, despite work, marriage or socio-economic status. There are a number of alternatives for females who want to be in charge of her very own security. Self-defense training courses are a great long-term option for any female desiring to find out to protect herself, however numerous women do not have the moment or money to take courses. A gun is another option for protection, but this likewise requires education and learning and skill to be risk-free in carrying it, as well as several states do not permit for hidden lug.

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