Interview: Dudley Brown on Self-Defense, Gun Sales, and Riots

NAGR President Dudley Brown is interviewed by One America News’ Alex Salvi on the current events unfolding around the nation regarding self-defense.
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Self Defense Pepper Spray – How Carrying Pepper Spray Can Keep You Out of Jail!

There are a number of favorable reasons that you need to be bring pepper spray. Yet one large factor is that by bring it in contrast to a firearm could maintain you from getting detained.

Self Defense Pepper Spray – What Types of Pepper Sprays Are Available?

So how do you recognize which self protection spray to acquire? Well it actually depends on your requirements. Yet prior to you picking the self protection pepper spray for you, you need to recognize your choices.

Fraud – An Unjust Act

Injustice is a knife made use of to puncture with the heart, leaving the impacted to life however without taking out the blade. Countless situations are plentiful of injustice in our everyday undertakings, which has roots in our deceitful nature. For an individual instance, I have been cheated by people for near fifteen (15) strong times in my life during which valuable amount of money and also property was shed. The point is that we may recognize and also obtain some of these scammers as well as burglars detained at countless times in our lives however never ever do we recover our residential properties, also when there was a confession.

Fraud – An Act of Godlessness and Lawlessness

If God condemns fraudulence and also, yet, it continues to be the most usual type of outmaneuvering others in our culture, then we should be disobedient to our designer and also are for that reason Godless. Furthermore, if individuals are rejected what they meritoriously, or in any various other reputable method, are worthy of, after that there is no law and no order. For exactly how can we enforce law as well as order if we accept allurement, are corrupt, make use of all kind of deceptive tricks and also exists, are arch-tribalists, like cash and materialism with ill properties, etc? The result of fraud is that significant criminal offenses like burglary, murder, arson, sabotage, disgust, lies, injury, armed burglary, etc., frequently go unpunished, and are highly urged in a lot of quarters.

Do Prisoners Deserve Better Protection?

Lately a notorious murderer was seriously assaulted by a fellow jail inmate in a UK prison – it appears that even amongst the jail populace there is general revulsion for kid awesomes. Needless to say the public’s response was much less than considerate; lots of most likely really feel that the “target” in this case should have whatever he obtains and also extra. But it does elevate the question: shouldn’t the jail service do more to secure convicts from each other?

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