Is AIWB carry for Idiots?!? [and Tier 1 Concealed holsters]

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In this episode I answer some viewer questions about how I carry a pistol and the Appendix Inside the Waistband method of concealed carry. I’ll also show you the best concealed carry holster on the market, in my humble opinion. Do you think AIWB is dangerous? Watch this video and maybe I’ll change your mind.

Disclaimer: OG is a professional clown. Do not attempt any stupid activity seen in this or any other video.

No firearms or firearm parts are being advertised or sold in this video.

The views expressed by OG or anyone on this channel do not reflect the views of his agency. If fact, they don’t agree with most of what is on this channel because they were not issued a sense of humor.

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“Take Control of Your Own Life” by Sven Karlsson


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People Who Enjoy Spending The Holidays Not Being Mugged Know Where To Buy Personal Alarms

This holiday will be full of consumers bring costly gifts and also more money than typical. Regrettably, that indicates that there are extra targets for possible robbers so let’s be prepared this season and ensure that this vacation season is remarkable for all the best reasons.

American Mobsters – Gallus Mag – The Most Savage Female the New York City Police Ever Encountered

Dating back to the 1700’s, the waterside of the 4th Ward was a sanctuary for burglars, awesomes as well as pirates. Ferocious gangs like the Daybreak Boys, Buckoos, Hookers, Swamp Angels and Slaughter Houses prowled the roads, burglarizing and also killing any type of inadequate fool with cash in his pocket that was silly adequate to roam right into their spiritual domain name. Yet the most feared denizen ever to establish foot in the fourth Ward of the mid 19th Century was not a male, but an amazon called Gallus Mag.

The Truth About Drug Cartels

Amongst the most terrible as well as criminal companies all over the world, which generally can take on Al-Qaida between East, are: the Mexican Medicine Cartels. These criminal organizations are extremely well skilled and also they focus on hefty tools to assault those who are in their means. Their task itself is to web traffic medicines right into the USA as well as contraband people into the nation, additionally they supervise of the extortion of government authorities along with law enforcement agency and numerous other atrocities.

How to Prevent a Personal Attack or Mugging

Today, personal attacks and also muggings are a routine incident throughout the globe. Depending upon the motive behind the assault, the risk can be of different levels of seriousness. Right here are some ideas to assist you stay safe.

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Fredericka “Marm” Mandelbaum was born in 1818 in the country of Prussia. She came in to the USA in 1848 with her hubbies Wolfe Mandelbaum. A large lady, tipping the ranges at over 250 pounds, Mandelbaum opened up a completely dry products store at 79 Clinton Road, the edge of Rivington, on the very beginning of a three-story building that she later on bought with her ill-gotten gains.

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