Joe Biden on Home Defense: Fire Two Shotgun Blasts Outside Your House

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tells Americans to recklessly “shoot a firearm in the air” to ward off any threats.

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Guillotin – The Man and the Machine

Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin came right into this unrelenting globe on May 28, 1738 in Manchester, England. Some state his mommy went right into early labor after witnessing a criminal being damaged on the wheel of the general public scaffold at Saintes.

Getting the Best Stun Guns For Sale – The Perfect Option For Your Safety

There are a lot of stun weapons for sale on the market today that you could select from for your individual safety and security. No one in his rational and best mind would intend to be a sufferer of violent criminal activity, like burglary or a mugging.

Stun Master 775,000 Volt Stun Gun – Power and Intimidation

Many individuals like security personnel, bouncers at clubs, nightwatchman and truck chauffeurs like to have in daunting self protection product by their side. Keep reading to see why this powerful stun weapon is the option of so several.

The New Face of Colombian Drug Trafficking

Colombia has actually combated and won a strenuous battle extending decades versus the cocaine cartels that had at once reduced the country to a failed state. However, it did not win the war versus medicines. It’s estimated that more cocaine is being exported from Colombia than in the past. If the ring leaders are all dead or behind bars, how is this possible?

Deterring a Purse Snatcher

Regrettably purse snatchers are a truth that every lady requires to think about whether she lives in a crime-ridden city or not. Having your bag stolen is a stressful experience for practically everyone due to the individual info and also items we carry about with us on a daily basis. Here are some pointers for discouraging a bag snatcher.

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