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The Kubaton, a Simple Yet Powerful Self-Defense Tool That Can Save Your Life From Criminal Attack

The kubaton was created by Takayuki Kubota, a self defense instructor for the Tokyo Authorities Division. It is usually 5.5 inches long and also 0.56 inch in size, a little thicker or the very same dimension as a AA battery.

Self Defense – Dog Attack Prevention Tips

Utilize these pointers to aid avoid a pet dog strike on you and/or your liked ones. Continue reading to see exactly how simple it is to stay safe.

Colombia – Massacre in Medellin Harks Back to Pablo Escobar Era

Last Friday, prior to 2 am, heavily armed “sicarios” (assassins), discharged right into a crowd at a bar in the Guanteros amusement district of generally serene Envigado, a suburban area of Medellin. The toll was eight dead as well as 23 injured.

Self Defense Training DVD’s – The Foundation For Self Defense

Self-defense training is the foundation of all self protection programs. The very best way to defend yourself against an unexpected attack is to learn some basic abilities. Find out more about why you should find out some.

Terrorism – A Threat to Global Peace

Nowadays, no one seems to be risk-free in the globe. Terrorism, an unsightly growth which has obliged the globe leaders in addition to the public figures to invest countless bucks increasing their safety, has actually come to be a global risk. Amidst this apparently limited safety and security as well as danger, thousands of innocent hearts have lost their lives to the annihilation called terrorism.

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