Michael Berry Interview with NAGR President Dudley Brown

Radio show host Michael Berry and NAGR President Dudley Brown discuss Kyle RIttenhouse, self-defense, gun control on the national and state level, and the Presidential race.
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Made up of more than 4.5 million grassroots activists, the National Association for Gun Rights leads the charge to halt the radical gun-grabbing agenda running rampant across the nation. Accepting NO COMPROMISE on the issue of gun control, NAGR works tirelessly to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun views and has made great strides in protecting and preserving the Second Amendment. But our effectiveness in the battle against these attacks on your liberties depend entirely on the support from pro-gun patriots like you.

Surviving Assaults by Using Knife Fighting Strategies – Knife Battling Skills

All the methods to endure review as well as above martial capacities. You actually additionally need to work with weaponry like knives to endure any kind of fight. Fights and battles are in fact inner concerns.

Family Violence Protection – Are Your Rights Being Taken From You?

Why are we not enabled to combat back to secure our enjoyed ones? If somebody strikes us we must be given the right to secure ourselves by any means, shape or form that it takes to come out to life.

Criminals Violating Family Rights – Why Do We Have to Put Up With It?

Why are we no longer enabled to utilize reasonable force against bad guys who wish to take our civil liberties far from us? It is time that our rights as good law following citizens be appreciated and not extracted from us.

A Stun Gun is a Safe and Non-Lethal Self Defense Tool

The stun weapon is an extremely effective self-defense tool. It is extremely easy to utilize as well as you will certainly be positive with it in hand because of exactly how it can disarm your enemy. Yet you must not worry way too much because it is really safe as well as will produce just temporary weakness to the target.

How Should Domestic Violence Perpetrators Be Dealt With?

While every person agrees that victims of residential violence should be aided, no on discuss the perpetrators of domestic violence or if they do in any way, several will certainly desire the criminals to be provided the greatest penalty feasible. The fact however is, that criminals of domestic violence also need assistance and also occasionally their behavior itself is a call for assistance which regrettably is not acknowledged by lots of.

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