Shooting The Flame Out

Marksmanship Matters
Just having some fun with my daughter’s old pink Red Ryder.
When I was a kid, I’d spend hours shooting dandelion stems in half, acorns, and yes candle flames.
Marksmanship matters. In class I jokingly say, “countryboy skills”.
Having fun makes the work of learning those skills, not work at all.

Nothing trumps accuracy.

FYI that airgun is very low powered.

The Best Self Defense Products For Male College Students

If you know a young guy that is either mosting likely to be or already is participating in college than you need to consider his safety while he is away from residence and aid him to be planned for anything life decides to toss at him. Many individuals are under the mistaken belief that the only victims out there are ladies and this is not the truth.

Domestic Violence and Death – Will Recent Event and Documentary Alert More People?

The untimely fatality of a young university student was lately located murdered in her off school apartment. Her partner has actually admitted to banging her head against the wall. This case is not unusual. The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that in 4 people will certainly be a “target of” or see someone loss “victim of” residential physical violence.

Lipstick Pepper Spray – Disguised For Self Defense

Often a little subterfuge assists to maintain you safe. A lipstick pepper spray is such an instance. Figure out how one can assist you to remain secure.

Athletes and Crime – Do Professional Athletes Commit More Crimes Than the Rest of Us?

Are professional athletes extra susceptible to criminal actions than are the remainder people? Do athletes get involved in even more problem with the legislation than does the typical individual?

How to Keep Your Daughter Safe at College

College campuses are not as risk-free as parents assume. Learn more concerning exactly how you can protect your little girl in her initial years at university.

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