The Right Overhand // Striking for the Streets: Part 3

Retired US Heavyweight Muay Thai Kick Boxing Champion Bryce Franck teaches the right overhand, a powerful self defense punch. This video continues a series of self defense tips for bad situations.

See the previous striking video here:

Instruction incorporates accessing tools as appropriate for your everyday carry lifestyle. Note, blue gun used in this video is a inert training tool.

Bryce Franck is a successful kick boxer renowned for his intense striking skills and KO’s ring-side. You can follow Franck on instagram @BryceFranck.


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Hitting Harder with Champion Bryce Franck

Old Age and Treachery will Overcome Youth and Vigor | Higher Line Podcast #86

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Self Defense For Teens – What is Appropriate?

I am regularly asked if use force has a various set of requirements when juveniles are involved. Lately, a male going to among our training courses shared that his 16-year old daughter was assaulted by an older female quickly after she left her school bus. It was a lovely afternoon without any tip of risk.

A Review of the Times Square Bomb Scare

The current stopped working, publicized horror attack took place in New York’s popular Times Square. The effort took place throughout the busy supper period and also might potentially have actually done great deals of damages and also killed great deals of individuals. Luckily the amateur bomb did not detonate and also was reported to the police by an alert walkway supplier.

Faith Based Organization Liability

On December 9, 2007, four individuals and also the shooter died in attacks at the Colorado Springs New Life Church and also the Youth With an Objective missionary center in the community of Arvada, Colorado. 5 individuals were injured. What, if anything, can be done to mitigate the consequences of these mass shootings and also the craziness that features it?

Self Defense Products For Seniors – The Double Trouble Stun Gun

With crime increasing at a disconcerting rate and also elderly people being just one of the major targets, it is necessary to furnish oneself with devices that can offer individual security as well as personal defense. No wonder the self-defense industry has highlighted on manufacturing performance oriented devices for senior citizens. Keep reading to see why this is a favored for senior citizens.

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