Theoretical Nuclear Physics | Higher Line Podcast #128

Think you need straight A’s to become a nuclear scientist? Think again. Mickey talks with Andrew Dotson, a third year graduate student studying theoretical nuclear physics at New Mexico State University. Andrew was a lack luster high school student who didn’t make it pass admissions… but he didn’t give up.

Andrew Dotson shares his struggle getting into college, settling in the field of physics and how he built a popular college physics vlogging channel here on YouTube.

For more on Andrew Dotson check out his YouTube Channel here:


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Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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Do disappoint him be afraid for it will only fuel his ego. If he starts billing at you then your best choice will be attacking the reduced part of his body with kicks.

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Enough! That is a phrase that should be contemplated a life saver. There are a great deal of folks out there, “males and also women,” that cope with residential physical violence everyday. And due to the fact that they are damaged and also oppressed or their hearts are just as well large … They deal with it. You obtain the paper as well as what do ya know … There they remain in the obituaries one day.

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Enough! That is an expression that is meant to be pondered as a life saver. There are too numerous individuals around, “women and males,” that handle being maltreated regularly.

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