User Review: Becko Non-Slip Gun Holster For Concealed Carry (Ankle) – Becko Non-Slip Gun Holster For Concealed Carry (Ankle)

Becko Non-Slip Gun Holster For Concealed Carry (Ankle)

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Ive been wearing this rig daily for a few weeks. I am a Telecommunications/CCTV Installation & Service Tech, so Im very physically active. The holster is very comfortable & stays put.
No complaints, & its by far the least expensive ankle holster I own. I also use a Bugbite ankle holster when Im not at work.
This is very comfortable. There is a nice thick padding where the gun goes so I really can’t feel it digging into my leg. The Velcro is also very strong. I’m very pleased and my husband is a little jealous because it is so comfortable
Fits great & is very comfortable, for the price there’s not any better! Only issue is the Velcro strap holding the gun in is very loud when drawing gun & will draw attention to yourself
I purchased this ankle holster to see if I could use one. I am very please with how this “works”. This ankle holster ride up above my ankle and is comfortable to wear all day.
It holds my sub-compact in a comfortable position and doesnt restrict my movement or activities (lots of walking and riding in vehicles). This holster is also inexpensive especially compared the $50+ price tags in stores.
I bought as an inexpensive experiment and it has proven to be a holster I can wear safely and comfortably.
Im sure most CCW people have been through many holsters types/sizes in an effort to conceal a weapon. I cant stand carrying due to the discomfort and worry, imprinting through clothing etc.
Ive carried the smallest 9 MM/380s, all IWB, all annoying. Im not sure what took me so long to try an ankle rig, but ended up ordering this one. It is decent quality, simple and comfortable.
I used it for the first time walking around a mall and I can say, I knew it was there, but in a good way. It stayed in place and fit under my straight leg jeans.
I used it with a Kahr P380 which velcroed in firmly with little imprinting. Since my jeans are fairly straight, I ended up removing the extended magazine and the pistol disappeared.
With my current style of jeans, I doubt I could go much larger and Im thinking the added weight would change the comfort level, not to ment…

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