User Review: IWB Holster for Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Fits:Ruger EC9 EC9S /LC9 LC9S / L… – IWB Holster for Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Fits:Ruger EC9 EC9S /LC9 LC9S / LC380 / SR22/SR9C/Security 9 Compact or S…

IWB Holster for Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Fits:Ruger EC9 EC9S /LC9 LC9S / LC380 / SR22/SR9C/Security 9 Compact or S…

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This was an excellent buy. Perfect fit for the weapon and the carrier. Very comfortable, stays exactly where I put it, I barely notice it’s there.
Ive been playing with this holster for a few days after receiving it. Its exceeded my expectations, especially considering the cost. I didnt expect an affordable holster to be this nice.
First of all, I didnt really know if it was going to be actual leather – this is Amazon, after all, and third party sellers seem to have their own ideas about what qualifies as leather.
But this holster by all indications is real actual full grain leather. It seems to have the stretch, the smell, and natural looking pores and imperfections of real leather.
If this is fake leather, it has certainly fooled me. Now, the leather is fairly stiff, so I plan to take some time wearing it and let the gun break it in.
Construction is roust, with cuffed opening and double stitching at key points. I expect this to last.
The design does add quite a bit of thickness, exacerbated by the placement of the ambidextrous safety switches on the SR22, but that part is above the belt-line, so its not too bad.
Retention is good. Obviously there is no strap so the gun is held by friction only. So far Ive not had any issues, and it will only improve with time as the holster conforms better to the shape of the gun.
All in all an excellent holster, maybe not as slim as some would prefer, but this is a very durable holster. For the price it is an exceptional value.
My thumbs up to the manufacturer!
I like the leather quality overall. I used it for my Ruger SR22 and maybe use it for my ec9 too. It’s a perfect fit and comfortable.
exactly what i was looking for
This holster is exactly what I need for concealed carry. Fits my wife’s Ruger LC9 perfectly. Simple and lightweight and very affordable. It isn’t very stiff so holstering the weapon after a draw takes a little added effort but that’s a minor setback.
Fits my EC9S perfec…

Why Is the Pepper Spray Tri-Pak a Great Value?

If you are trying to find a value packed, reliable self-defense product, think about the Pepper Shot Tri-Pak. It covers all bases when it pertains to maintaining you secure. It includes something for your house, your automobile as well as when you are out and around. For much less than $20.00, you can be secured 24/7. What more can you ask?

CCTV Kits – Know What’s Going on With Spy Cameras for Home

CCTV packages are made up of numerous spy cameras for home usage and a Digital Video Recorder or DVR protection system to record whatever that is captured from such electronic cameras. These packages primarily allow you understand what’s taking place in your house also when you are away for job or for a holiday. This is a wonderful method to safeguard whatever that’s precious to you, including your precious jewelry, your vehicle, and even your new born child. You can mount a number of wireless safety and security electronic cameras inside as well as outside your house to make sure that you won’t miss out on any type of crucial occurrences on those locations.

Detectives Also Look for Things That Are Spooky

One could feel the requirement in some cases to investigate strange behavior of people and areas in some cases. There may be instances where one may require to be certain of what the other person truly is. This is the moment one can depend on a good personal investigative.

The First Woman Suicide Bomber

There have actually been over 250 suicide blasts in Pakistan considering that 2006, yet one of the most current, in the Bajaur Firm marks a brand-new pattern. For the very first time, the female sex was the guilty celebration, as a lady self-destruction bombing plane took her life, in addition to 46 others. The revelation comes as significant risk to Pakistan, thinking about that the stereotype of a bearded man, in a shalwar kameez being a bombing plane has actually been passed on.

Mobsters in America – Albert E Hicks – The Last Man To Be Hung for Piracy in the United States

Albert E. Hicks, called “Hicksey” by his pals as well as “Pirate Hicks” by the police, was the last man to be carried out for piracy in the United States of America. Hicks was an independent gangster, that dealt with his partner and also child at 129 Cedar Street in downtown Manhattan, only two blocks from the East River.

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