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Key Reasons to Carry Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is made with an energetic component called oleoresin capsicum. This active ingredient is stemmed from chili pepper, some of the best peppers in the globe. When splashed on the eyes as well as face, it creates severe expansion of the capillaries as well as inflammation of the skin.

Being Aware of Your Surroundings

Among the finest means to avoid violent encounters is to educate your mind to recognize wrongdoers, as well as the quickest way to do this is to begin believing like one. Here is a workout to assist you be more conscious of your surroundings. For the next several days act that you are an assailant.

How the Rearview Mirror Hidden Camera Makes Cabbie’s Jobs Safer

Check out just how among the newest hidden video cameras can shield you. This surprise electronic camera has lots of applications one might be ideal for you.

Pepper Spray Laws – State by State Regulations

In many states, any individual over the age of 18 can carry pepper spray. This isn’t the situation throughout, as well as below is where pepper spray has more stringent policies.

Safe Dates and Acquaintance Rape

The globe of dating can be a harmful one. This holds true for young adults as well as grownups.

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